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Nourish to Flourish. Nutrition Plans for your Child’s Vibrant Health 

I create personalised nutrition programs that address the root cause of symptoms to improve children’s health. My programs cover 5 principles to achieve vibrant health
  1. Building robust digestion
  2. Lowering inflammation 
  3. Opening natural detoxification pathways 
  4. Identifying nutrient deficiencies and optimising nutrient intake
  5. Optimising the gut microbiome

Work With Me

I work online via Google Meet. Below is an outline of the process you can expect when working together. 

​​Discovery Call

Here we meet and discuss your concerns and determine whether nutritional therapy will suit your needs and if I am the right practitioner to help you. 

Initial New Client Questionnaire

Prior to your initial consult I will send you a comprehensive health questionnaire to complete and return before we meet. This will include a 3 day diet & lifestyle diary to understand your current habits.

The Initial Consultation

We meet online to discuss your specific health concerns and aims. I review your unique medical history to understand your child’s early life. We delve further into the details of what your child is struggling with and their symptoms. I will take you through questions about each body system to assess any other symptoms your child is experiencing that may be related. I explore in further depth your current diet, lifestyle and also family history.

During this session I may recommend some functional testing to clarify your child’s health picture and investigate underlying issues if I feel it would be relevant. This is not always necessary. This session lasts 1.5 hours.

Post Initial Consultation

Following our first meeting I develop a personalised and comprehensive health plan for you to follow with your child to achieve your aims. This will include recommendations on meal guidance and nutrient intake to address specific nutrient gaps or to achieve a therapeutic effect. I will summarise recommended testing and I may suggest targeted supplements like pre and probiotics, nutrients or minerals to achieve therapeutic outcomes.

Follow Up Consultation 

Usually 4 to 6 weeks after the initial consultation. Here we summarise progress, difficulties, review any testing and making further recommendations to incrementally achieve your health aims. Following this we can agree any further support. This session lasts an hour.

  • Available Online

    Let's find out whether nutritional therapy is right for you.

    30 min

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