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Functional Testing

Uncover the root cause of your ongoing health issues.

I sometimes recommend functional testing to help uncover the root cause of your ongoing health issues if I feel this is warranted.

A number of tests are already available via your GP and where appropriate, I might recommend you utilise those with your doctor.


Some types of tests are not available from the NHS or as comprehensive and so it may be helpful to purchase private testing. Sometimes this might include blood testing or more specialised testing for specific concerns.


It is worth noting that tests ordered by your doctor are usually looking for clinical imbalances and that ‘normal’ results do not necessarily indicate optimum function. I use functional medicine reference ranges that assess optimum levels for health.


I can access and analyse for you the following testing:


Stool Testing - comprehensive testing including markers for:

  • Inflammation

  • Immune function

  • Digestion enzyme production

  • Gut barrier health

  • Short chain fatty acid production

  • SIBO

  • H. pylori

  • Microbial diversity and dysbiosis

  • Parasitic, fungal and pathogenic bacteria

Other tests available include

  • Urine Organic Acids Testing

  • Hair Heavy Metal Testing

  • Vitamin and Mineral Status

  • SIBO Breath Testing

  • Mycotoxin testing


Private Blood Testing

  • Iron metabolism plus others

  • Vitamin D

  • Thyroid with antibodies

  • Advanced B12 testing - active and methylmalonic acid


Blood can often be taken via finger prick sample at home but some require venous blood draw at a nearby clinic to you. Please note some blood tests are not suitable or available for children.

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