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Nutrition Made Simple. Bringing Clarity to Complexity.

The world of nutrition can be complex, contradicting and often controversial. It doesn’t need to be. 
I take a real-world balanced approach that suits your family life. Small changes can add up to big results. Everything I recommend is evidence based.

Welcome to my nutritional therapy practice. I’m a registered nutritional therapist specialising in children’s health. I see Mum’s too.


I cover a spectrum of children’s health concerns including allergies, eczema, frequent illness, ADHD, neurodiversity and digestive discomfort. 


I understand the challenges parents face when your child’s wellbeing is at stake.


I helped my own son recover from digestive issues, skin problems and food intolerances after identifying his poor gut health from years of antibiotic use.


Poor gut health, inadequate nutrients and struggling detox pathways are often at the root of lots of different conditions that so many of us are navigating in today’s world. Time and time again they can be THE missing piece of the puzzle for you or your child’s good health.


When you work with me I help you identify what’s happening in the body and why. We create an actionable plan to restore health by understanding the crucial role that correct nutrition and gut health play in the symptoms.


I use an evidence based, whole person centred approach with functional medicine testing where appropriate. As parents, we have the power to change the course of our children’s health. You can take control and start getting to the root cause of what is keeping you from thriving one bite at a time. I can help.

Hi I'm Louise

I help parents like you, uncover the root cause of your child’s chronic health issues and improve them with the power of good nutrition and great gut health so your family can thrive.

Children's Health

Digestive complaints

constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, reflux, fussy eating, nutrient deficiencies.

Skin conditions

eczema, keratosis pilaris, rashes, topical steroid withdrawal

Allergies and allergic conditions

food intolerance, asthma, eczema, hay fever and environmental allergies

Poor immunity

recurring colds or infections, frequent illness

Neurological conditions

ADHD, ASD, anxiety, poor focus or concentration

Poor sleep

trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Mum's Health

Energy issues

Fatigue, increasing energy, nutrient deficiency,

adrenal health


Digestive complaints

IBS, IBD, SIBO, dysbiosis


Thyroid conditions

Hypo and hyper thyroid, autoimmune thyroid (Hashimotos)


Hormonal issues

PMS, PMDD, perimenopause, menopause


Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea


Mental health

Anxiety, depression, brain fog    

Struggling with any of these ?

Can Nutritional Therapy Help You ?

Nutritional therapy is a science based approach that analyses your detailed health history from birth to present day to track back and understand why you are experiencing your current health issues and what might be driving them.


I look at nutrient intake, gut health and biochemical pathways to understand the root of the issues. I use diet and lifestyle optimisation to support health. Nutritional therapy is entirely personalised and health plans are based on individual, unique needs. Everything I recommend is research and evidence based.


I know you’re busy and time pressed and wondering if you have the time and commitment to make changes. Well, nutrition doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. It can be simple. It does require some prioritising, and initial time and effort. Home cooking with whole food is essential. However, small changes can add up to big results and along with an individualised health plan, I provide tips, tricks and quick family friendly recipes tailored for you to make it doable.


Food does matter and it DOES make a huge difference to health, there is no question about that.


When we consume the right, nutrient dense foods and optimise gut health and nutrient absorption we are giving our bodies what is required to physiologically function at its best and provide the building blocks for ourselves and our children to thrive and flourish.

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"You helped us so much with your advice and suggestions. I feel like a learnt a lot about food, supplements and our digestive system that I didn’t know before!!"


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Bowdon, Cheshire. United Kingdom

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